Feral and backyard honey bee colonies begin swarming as the weather warms in the spring. Swarming is an instinctive part of the annual life cycle of a honey bee colony.  While a honey bee swarm is not dangerous, it can be disconcerting to the home owner who finds one in their juniper bush. We have experienced beekeepers who can safely remove and relocate the bees without harming them at no cost.


Dispatchers for swarms:  Doug 303-910-3137 or April 303-908-9674

Dispatchers will contact an available club member to retrieve the swarm.

Structural Removals:

Honey bees that have established a colony inside a structure like a home, garage, shed, or other building require a different type of service for removal.  These established colonies need a specialized removal/extraction and may require some carpentry. Expect a fee for a beekeeper to extract the bees safely without killing them and repair the area.

For Structural removals call Doug:    303-910-3137

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